Round 1 Leader board & Round 2 Draw


So we are now at the end of Round 1 and what a round it has been!  I’d like to thank Timbo, Paul & Colin for allowing matches to be played at their houses.  My venue is always open (literally) but beware of wind, rain & darkness..


We’ve had some cracking matches and a few contenders have started to emerge. Bradders, Joe Sprints, Timbo and Chopper Harris all appear to be early favourites.  A couple of ex-professional rugby players are surprise absentees from the R2 winners draw but I am expecting them to bounce back hard.


As agreed, the R2 draw has had the winners drawn into one pot and the losers into another.  This I hope will ensure closer matches in the following round.  At Ricco’s suggestion, we will draw future rounds in the same way but will avoid repeat match ups so that all 5 games will be played with different opponents.


As per last time I have asked members of my family to draw the names and I have attached a brief clip to prove that this draw has been completely random (see below).


Also at Ricco’s suggestion we will aim to have the entire series wrapped up by the 30th March.  The next round is due to be completed by the 24th February!!


Our heart goes out to Phil “Gunner” Rees who, having been beaten in a close match with Max (aka Wells), was sent flying head over handlebars when his Brompton wheel fell down the drain outside my house….  Get well soon soldier.


Round 2 Matches..


Anzac Mal vs Paul “Chopper” Harris

Dan “The Man” vs Colin Wright 

Jamie W vs Blakey

Millardo vs Joe “Sprints” Middleton

Bradders vs “Pope” John Paul

Mr T vs JPO

Timbo vs “Data” Mike

Max vs winner of Craig & Gary

Bruce W vs Phil “Gunner” Rees

“Ice” Chris Smith vs JLO

Lynda vs Richard Davies

HPO vs Dena

“Big” Dave vs Mike Parrot

Ricco vs Claire Wright

Dylan “Legend” Pugh vs loser of Craig & Gary


A final reminder, please, please, please take a photo before or after each game. Points awarded for creativity… 


Thanks again to our sponsors! 


See Gallery Below for R1 League table and R1 pictures.

Round 2 Draw (clip)

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