Spring Series Tournament Update 7th Feb


The first round is getting up to speed now with most games either played or scheduled.  We’ve seen some good close matches and also Bruce.  Of those not scheduled I know Jimmy has a problem with being out of the country. So I have drafted Gary Knight in as a last minute replacement.  Please bear in mind that these matches need to be played by the 9th, to facilitate the second round draw (by Woody) on Sunday.


I’ve noticed an “uppage” of competitiveness over the last few weeks; Blakey has the “Cheshire Cat” tell, Timbo is trying to create TT central so as to exploit home advantage and Paul seems to think his name is already on the cup.  I even heard that Big Dave has been secretly practicing.


This all bodes well for the next round where I would expect to see many more, closer contests.


I’ve updated the leaderboard with all results to date and enclosed many lovely photo’s from the round.  These photos are important, the best receiving 1 bonus point!


Finally, The Alfred Major “UP” Cup arrives today so I will share photos in due course.


Before you go, and against my better judgement, I have included Timbo’s video which I’m sure we’ll all look back on in years to come with great fondness.wink . Scroll down the page to reveal this delightful video clip.


Thanks again to our sponsors! 

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