Round 3 gets under way...


Round 2 was a bit of a car crash!  Half term seemed to derail plans to hook up and even though it’s been over 4 weeks, we still have two matches to play.  Dave is due to meet Dylan this week, whilst Richard Davies is now playing Mike. 


We’ve also had our first casualties; Lynda, Ricco & Max have all left the building!!


We had some great games in round 2 with some unexpected results (mine) and I’m looking forward to receiving your pictures and commentary for Round 3 also (see below for latest pictures).


The match ups for round 3 are as follows:


Timbo vs Paul

Colin vs JPO (oooooooh I hear you say!)

Dan vs JPB

Dena vs Claire


Jamie vs Millard

Joe M vs Blakey

Mr T vs Winner of Dave & Dylan

Bradders vs loser of Dave & Dylan

Mike B vs Phil

Bruce vs Chris S

Mal will play the winner of Rich & Mike


The loser of Rich & Mike will play someone (I just need to figure out who; I may bring my brother back out to bat)


In terms of what happens next…


I think we should make this the last round.  The top 16 will go into a knock out round being paired according to position (the player with the most points being paired with the player with the least etc) . Once complete, we’ll then meet for the quarters, semi’s and final on one last day.  We should be able to announce a winner by early May!


The league table currently looks like this..


Competitor R1 R2 R3 Total
Colin Wright 4 4 8
Paul “Chopper” Harris 4 4 8
Millardo 4 4 8
Dave Bradders 4 3 7
Timbo 3 4 7
Jamie 3 4 7
Mr T 4 2 6
Blakey 4 1 5
JPO 4 0 4
Joe Sprints 4 0 4
Chris Smith 0 4 4
Phil “Gunner” Rees 0 4 4
“ANZAC” Mal 3 0 3
Dan “The Man” 2 0 2
“Pope” John-Paul 2 0 2
Dena 0 2 2
“Big” Dave 1 tbc 1
Dylan “The Legend” Pugh 1 tbc 1
Bruce  0 0 0
JLO 0 0 0
HPO “The Wall” 0 0 0
Mike Parrot 0 tbc 0
Richard “Superman” Davies 0 tbc 0
“Data” Mike  0 0 0
Claire 0 0 0

So, please get organised, lets get this round over with so we can let the knock out fun start!


Love & kisses



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