CMC Spring Series Table Tennis Classic

We are launching our very first Spring Series Table Tennis tournament.  If you’d like to join in, we’ll not be closing entries until the 19th January.  Sign up to What’s App below and let us know from within the chat that you want to join in, we’ll add you to the series.  We have 22 participants and counting!!

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Things are hotting up in Cookham already as Blakey starts his serious training program.  Out goes the booze and burgers, in comes the game face and meticulous preparation of a winner! Not today though eh?  wink


The Draw! cool

How It Will Work

There are currently 30 CMCr’s taking part, and each member will complete five rounds, each round will be completed within a two week slot.  The person with the highest number of points will win (what will become) the coveted trophy.

For the first round I have asked Woody to pick names randomly out of a hat (see video below).  Each round will need to be completed by the agreed date (a list of available tables and people who are happy to host is included later in this page)..

The pairings for each subsequent round will be picked at random also but, to make it operate a little like a handicap system, if you are a winner in the last round you’ll only be picked against a winner in the next round (and vice versa for losers).  Intuitively, this should ensure you are matched more evenly through the series (but we’ll see! how it goes).

Dates for Each Round

End dates for each round are as follows:

  • Round 1; 9th February
  • Round 2; 23rd February
  • Round 3; 2nd March
  • Round 4; 16th March
  • Round 5; 30th March
  • Top 4 players at the end of 5 rounds will play a semi & final before 13th April to determine the winner.

The trophy will be awarded at the White Oak shortly after round 5 closes.


The format for each round is as follows:

  1. Each round will be decided on the best of 3 games
  2. Each game will be up to 21
  3. The winner has to win by 2 clear points (the game will be extended until a clear winner can be decided)
  4. 2 Points awarded for a win
  5. 1 Point bonus awarded for a win by more than 5 points
  6. 1 Point bonus awarded to each pair (regardless of winning or losing) for the best photo of the week. By democratic vote.

Round 1; to be completed by 9th February

Round 1 pairings are as follows:

  1. “Data” Mike Brennen vs Colin Wright (played)
  2. Ricco vs Ed Millardo (7th Feb)
  3. Timbo Phillis vs Richard Davies (played)
  4. Blakey vs H “Trudes” PO(played)
  5. JPO vs “Big” Dave Ramsey (8th Feb)
  6. JLO vs Paul “Chopper” Harris (played)
  7. Chris Smith vs Mal Keegan (played)
  8. John-Paul B vs Bruce Williams (played)
  9. Mr T vs Dylan Pugh (8th Feb)
  10. Craig Siddons vs Jimmy Riccard (Gary Knight stepping In)
  11. Phil “Gunner” Rees vs Max “Firework” Hayden (8th Feb)
  12. Dave Bradders vs Mike Parrott (played)
  13. Dena Pearce vs Dan Cunliffe (played)
  14. Claire Wright vs Jamie Wright (tutt tutt)
  15. Lynda vs Joe Middleton (7th Feb)

Potential Hosts

The following CMCr’s have agreed to act as hosts for the tournament, feel free to make arrangements with the directly for use of their table and a free supply of beer & refreshments.

  1. Colin Wright
  2. JPO
  3. Paul “Chopper” Harris
  4. Ed Millardo
  5. Nicolsons Shopping Centre (3 tables, all free to use)


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